Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday Notebook: January 15, 2018

Yes, in the middle of January, it was still a big weekend for dirt track racing as the open wheel fans had the mid-winter mega event, The Chili Bowl, while Late Model fans had the triple header conclusion to the Wild West Shootout.

I had the Tivo set up to record the Chili Bowl as I went to Burlington to watch third-ranked Indian Hills throttle Southeastern Community College (Tony Paris would be proud) and I watched the MavTV coverage once I returned home. It looked as though we were going to be treated to a showdown between two of the brightest stars in the sport, but when the engine on Kyle Larson's car went up in smoke that left Christopher Bell all alone out front to claim his second straight Golden Driller trophy.

It is amazing how the Chili Bowl just keeps on growing and that growth will now make it a six night event in 2019 as announced by promoter Emmett Hahn this week. The Wednesday through Saturday reserved seats are next to impossible to come by now and even Tuesday was nearing a sell out, so if you have never been to the Chili Bowl before now would be a good time to snap up tickets for Monday and Tuesday to get your midget fix. I know that it will be something that Morgan and I will consider for next year.

Of course that trip might get aced out by a return trip to Arizona to catch the 2019 edition of the Wild West Shootout. I have been to the event twice while it was held in Tucson, but after watching highlights from this year's racing at the Arizona Speedway in Queens Creek I am itching to go out west again next January, especially since I have friends who have offered me a place to stay! For some great reporting from all six nights in the desert please visit my Positively Racing colleague Ed Reichert's blog "One Fan's Travels" and he will give you the details while I offer up a few observations here.

Leading up to the mini-series the assumption seemed to be that Bobby Pierce would collect some Keyser Manufacturing bonus money, but the question was how much? Would he win all six nights? Five, four? Surely he would at least earn an extra $10,000 by winning three and so the expectations were high for the young driver from Illinois in his debut with the Dunn Benson team. After finishing twelfth on opening night Pierce was leading late on night number two only to be stunned by the defending WISSOTA National Champion Don Shaw who took advantage of a slight bobble by Pierce in the closing laps to take the win. That all came after a thrilling back and forth battle between Pierce and opening night winner Ricky Weiss where contact between the two sent Weiss sliding through the exit gate going into turn one.

Pierce would finish second to Shaw again on Wednesday night, take third behind Mike Marlar and Weiss on Friday before closing out the weekend with a twelfth place finish on Saturday and a seventh place run in Sunday's finale. While it wasn't the performance that many expected out of Pierce, the six days in Arizona will no doubt payoff as he gained experience with his new team before the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series gets underway in just under three weeks in southeast Georgia.

Nobody would have predicted that the drivers shooting for the Keyser bonus would have been Weiss and Shaw. Weiss too is a former WISSOTA Late Model National Champion and spent last year racing regionally in Tennessee. The young Canadian definitely turned heads with his consistently strong performances in Arizona and if not for the DNF after his scuffle with Pierce he would have likely been the mini-series point champion. It will be interesting to see what kind of schedule that he will now follow for 2018 as a check of his website shows it as blank for now. Shaw is a veteran driver form Minnesota whose trucking company even sponsored the finale and for the past several years he has raced in Arizona both before, and after the regular season back home with building success. Will this week encourage him to venture out on the road more in 2018, or will he be the odds on favorite to repeat his WISSOTA title?

Former USMTS Modified regular Cade Dillard had a solid week as it seemed like he was always in contention. In fact it looked as though he had Wednesday's race well in hand before a skirmish with a lapped car put him into the wall and ended his night. He came back strong though to finish second and fifth in the final two nights to propel him into his first full year of Late Model action. Now we wait to see what his plans are as well, but you can bet that you will see the young driver from Louisiana in victory lane soon.

Another name that caught my attention, mainly because I had never heard of him before was Mike Maresca who pulled all the way down from Potsdam, New York. A twenty-two year old big block Modified driver who, according to his website did not score a win last season, Maresca failed to qualify his first night out on Sunday and then steadily gained speed making the remaining four shows and posting his best finish in the finale where he finished eighth. Just a week or two earlier Maresca had wheeled a micro sprint indoors during the Tulsa Shootout.

Iowa was well represented as Chris Simpson, Justin Kay, Jason Rauen and Ryan Gustin were all in Late Model competition. Simpson had taken the lead from Weiss in the opener only to have Weiss find a better line late to regain the lead leaving Chris with a runner-up finish. Simpson would also finish fourth during the Friday night program. Kay qualified for five of the six main events, but his best finish was a 16th while Rauen made the main event in the finale where he finished 14th. Earl Pearson Jr. drove Jason's #98 during Friday night's program and he finished fifth. Gustin who has had success at this event before winning the big money finale in Tucson a few years back made a solid return to the seat of the Gressel Racing Late Model posting two top-fives in four feature starts.

Again I urge you to visit One Fan's Travels for more details and for news on the Modifieds and X-Mods as well. Dirt track racing will essentially take a two week break now before the Georgia/Florida Speed Weeks action gets underway.

I was disappointed to see this story online last night where essentially the Southern Iowa Fair Board has thrown in the towel on racing in Oskaloosa for 2018. The track has operated the last few seasons with the board taking the financial risk and they have every right to back away and state that they no longer want to do that if they feel that there is "no profit" in it. However, there is one line in the story that I don't understand where fair board member Shawn VanEngelenhoven is quoted as saying "we've not got anything on paper, except from our existing promoter gave us a written bid. Otherwise nobody's come forward with any bids"

So doesn't that mean that you have a written bid? That existing promoter is Mike VanGenderen who has been a paid employee for the past few years, but who has now put in a bid to lease the track and take the financial risk himself. So yes Mr. VanEngelenhoven, you do have a bid, but from what I have been told you have not even responded to that bid. I would think that for the racers and the fans as well as the community itself that benefits from the dollars that comes into Oskaloosa every Wednesday night during racing season, you would want to sit down with VanGenderen and try to negotiate an agreement that both parties would find beneficial.

Mr. VanEngelenhoven, Mr. VanGenderen. Mr. VanGenderen, Mr. VanEgelenhoven. There, I have made the introductions, now get together and discuss. I'll be happy to serve as a mediator if you will will allow somebody with only five letters in his name into the room.

Another track that has been operated by a fair board lately, the Hamilton County Speedway in Webster City had a January 15th deadline, today, to receive bids from interested promoters and my source tells me that at last check they only had one. And, since this is Martin Luther King Jr. Day there is no mail service, so......

I haven't mentioned the Open Trailer Nationals in the past few entries on the Back Stretch. Will we get enough of a ground swell to convince a promoter to take a chance? Send in a pic of your car on an Open Trailer today. Okay, well maybe not an actual picture from today, it's too damn cold to be outside, but soon!

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Notebook: January 8, 2018

It was an interesting weekend of racing, even with just two events on the schedule as there was enough action to dust off a Monday edition of the Notebook.

Let's start with the Ice Bowl first as, no surprise, the Super Late Model winner Michael Page went flag-to-flag for the win on Sunday evening at the Talladega Short Track. It was the second Ice Bowl win in a row for Page, the first time that anybody has done that since Kenny Merchant nearly two decades ago. Even though he went the distance hugging the bottom of the 1/3-mile oval there a appeared to be a second line to the track allowing for at least one driver to make a big run, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The notebook worthy items actually happened in each of the first two heat races on Saturday. The event uses the classic "time 'em and start the fast guys in front" format with the first heat race winner earning the pole for the feature and the second heat race winner lining up on the outside of row one for the finale so essentially this event is usually "won" during the first two heats on Saturday. In heat one Billy Ogle Jr. raced to the lead from the pole with John Ownbey chasing and on lap two as Ownbey tried to pass on the outside in turn four he hooked the right rear of Ogle and spun him sideways in front of the field. The caution waved, but when they came back for the restart neither driver, Ownbey or Ogle had been penalized. Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Ownbey would come back to complete the pass on the outside late in the race to take the win and sit on the pole for Sunday. In the second heat Michael Page had things well in hand leading from the drop of the green after starting from the pole position, but when a caution waved late in the race that brought the field back to him. On the restart veteran driver Ronnie Johnson got a big run on the high side and took the lead down the back stretch. His advantage was almost a full car length entering turn three where Page kept his foot on the gas, pushed up the race track and made hard contact with the right front of Johnson's car. Had RJ not been there to bank off of, Page likely would have driven over the top of turn four, but he was able to straighten it out, regain the lead and go on to win while Johnson faded to fourth in the final laps due to the damage sending him to a Last Chance race on Sunday.

Oh what might have been! Johnson advanced from his qualifier to start 20th on the feature grid and he would race his way all the way up to fifth at the checkers as Page took the win ahead of Jason Hiett, Ownbey and Ogle Jr. What surprised me was how mellow Johnson was regarding the incident on Saturday even congratulating Page with a smile in victory lane on Sunday. Johnson did get a $3,000 win in the Crate Late Model feature where, of course, he started on the pole and led every lap.

The reaction to a "that's racing" incident was not the same last night (Sunday) at the Wild West Shootout in Arizona where young talent Bobby Pierce and Ricky Weiss had a dust up while racing for the lead. The two were putting on an amazing show for several laps, throwing sliders at each other with no contact, but on lap 23 of the 40-lap main event Pierce stumbled just a bit on the cushion in turn four and that allowed Weiss to race under him coming down the front stretch. After several looks of the video on Dirt On Dirt it appears that Weiss came up the track before he had Pierce cleared and the contact sent Ricky for a spin down the rest of the straightaway and through the exit gate at the top of turn one. Weiss did make contact with an implement tire guarding the entrance ending his night and let's just say that he does not agree with my assessment of the incident vowing to pay back Pierce somewhere down the line.

On the restart Mike Marlar challenged Pierce for a few laps until Don Shaw made his way into second. The defending WISSOTA Late Model National Champion then chased Pierce over the closing laps as the track changed yet again to a line through the middle and when Pierce again stumbled in turn four with four laps remaining Shaw made the pass for the lead and the win. It was the second night in a row that a former WISSOTA National Champion had scored the win as Weiss was victorious in the Saturday opener taking the lead back from Chris Simpson after Simpson had snared it from him earlier.

Saying that a guy who won 34 features in 2017 is a "surprise" is kind of difficult, but Shaw does not yet have the star power that several of the drivers who finished behind him have. Most who are not familiar with the Ham Lake, Minnesota, driver might only remember him as the guy that Shane Clanton took out when this event was still held down in Tucson in 2016 and then blamed it on the passing points method of doing lineups. Sadly, that was the last year that the event used passing points. In Modified action from the desert Ricky Thornton Jr and Stormy Scott are your first two winners while Iowan Justin Kay finished fifth on Saturday night.

Don't forget that you can watch the remaining four events from Arizona, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a Pay Per View basis on Dirt On Dirt.

A couple of notes from 34 Raceway where they announced today that the Four Cylinder class will now be IMCA sanctioned Sport Compacts. The division has run non-sanctioned for the past several years. Also, the September 22nd Mod Lite Nationals event is also listed as the "Grand Daddy" where all five divisions that night (Mod Lites, Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sport Mods and Sport Compacts) will be racing for $1,000 or a "Grand" to win.

One week to have your proposal in to the Hamilton County Fair Board, one week remaining! And the Southern Iowa Fair Board in Oskaloosa meets tonight where hopefully they will at least discuss the possibility of racing.

That's all for now, my prediction for tonight: Alabama 21 and Georgia 10 in what for me at least is the most uninspiring National Championship game that I can remember. If it gets out of hand early I will be switching over to watch The Bachelor where twenty-five beautiful women are chasing one race car driver. Enjoy your week!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Notebook: January 5, 2018

After two full weeks where the temperature has dipped below zero each day around here it is hard to believe that there will be some outdoor racing coming up this weekend with the Wild West Shootout in Arizona and the annual Ice Bowl at the Talladega Short Track in Alabama. The weather in the desert southwest is looking good with temperatures in the 70's and they should be back to no rain afer fighting the wet stuff and losing a few shows to rain last year. At Talladega it looks like it will be true Ice Bowl weather with highs in the low to mid 40's, but at least the rain should hold off until Monday and, wouldn't you know it, by the middle of next week it is supposed to be in the 60's there.

Both events are being offered on a Pay Per View basis and since you don't have your local track to go to this weekend or next anyway I encourage you to check them out.  Dirt on Dirt provides spectacular coverage of the Wild West Shootout and you can even get a free preview tonight as they will show practice beginning at 7 p.m. Central. Chet Christner and his crew at SpeedShiftTv will provide the coverage from the Ice Bowl and while their website shows a time of 7 p.m. each day I am pretty show that both shows are matinees.

It looks like we are going to get in on that warming trend as well this week and a January thaw is what we need as we start to look ahead to the early season special events here in the Midwest. Remember when the IMCA Frostbusters used to be the first shows up in this area? Not anymore! A schedule update has been sent out to the Webmistress and she should have it posted soon on the Calendar page at Positively Racing and even that has changed a bit when it was announced yesterday that the Frostbusters would be pushed back a week beginning on Wednesday April 4th at the Lee County Speedway in Donnellson. The show then moves to the Benton County Speedway in Vinton on Thursday before wrapping up at Marshalltown and Boone on Friday and Saturday.

Speaking of IMCA the perceived "war" with the USRA continues and the current battlefield is the Hamilton County Speedway in Webster City. Long an IMCA sanctioned weekly facility the track has been operated by the fair board the past few years with a hired promoter, however the plans for the 2018 season have been up in the air. Apparently the fair board has an opportunity to hire former promoter Al Uhrhammer to serve as the race director for the upcoming season and remain IMCA sanction, but they also now have a proposal from USRA's Todd Staley who would lease the facility and promote weekly racing at his hometown track.

Before I continue I want you to know that I have had the honor of working with both gentlemen, Uhrhammer was extremely supportive of the NKF Tour during its four year run within his tenure as promoter at Webster City and I have announced shows for Staley several times over the years, so I respect them both and if either one of them run the track in 2018 I would anticipate success. The way I see this though is not a question of IMCA or USRA, but instead what role the fair board wants to have when it comes to the weekly racing at its facility.

Going back fifteen or twenty years, unless I am mistaken the only facility that I can recall that was being run by a fair board and its race committee with a paid employee running the show was the Knoxville Raceway and, let's face it, they were doing it quite successfully with Ralph Capitani leading the way. Most of the rest of the fairgrounds tracks were being leased by race promoters who were paying the fees that were agreed upon to the fair board and then running the racing at their own risk. The inherent problem with this was that if a promoter was successful when it came time to renew the agreement, the fair board could always ask for more and on the flip side if the promoter was struggling the board would often refuse to settle for less. That is why it amazed me when Lynn Richard was able to secure a thirty year transferable lease when he and Mike Barton brought the Lee County Speedway in Donnellson back to life in the early '90s, hell of a businessman, but I digress.

Over the past ten years or so, following the downturn in 2008, the "offers" from race promoters to fair boards became few and far between so rather than having the racing shut down at their tracks several fair boards stepped up, formed a race committee and then either appointed or hired someone to put on the show and serve as the promoter. This proved to be a successful new way of doing things, but one of the problems with doing this involves that word "committee". If Cappy were alive today I would bet that he would tell you that is not always easy to work with a group of people all with different ideas and theories on the best way to promote a race track. Seldom, if ever, do they all agree on something and that can quickly cause dissension in the ranks leading to even more issues. Plus, I am quite naive on the subject, but I have to wonder just how a fair board handles a financial loss. I have been told that if a fair board loses money in a promotion, whether it is with racing, a concert or something else that they must secure a loan to cover that loss and that a board member or members must personally co-sign the loan? If that is truly the case I have to wonder why anybody would do that.

Fast forward to today and we are now seeing some of these fair board promoted tracks in limbo. Yes, there are still success stories. All you have to do is look at the signage at the Lee County Speedway to see the support that it has from the surrounding community, something that a fair run facility probably has an advantage with over a promoter who would lease the place, and they have a well respected race director in Mike Van Genderen. The same can be said for what is going on fifty miles to the north where Larry Richardson has the C.J. Speedway at the Louisa County fairgrounds on the upswing after his first year at the helm in 2017. The same cannot be said for Oskaloosa though where the fair board, after taking the risk themselves for the past several seasons are now waiting for a proposal from someone else and the direction of the Hamilton County Speedway now depends upon this. Does the fair board want to continue to be in the business of promoting races, or do they want to go back to how this all worked for decades before? The result of last night's meeting was that they will accept proposals until January 15th and then they will decide. Stay tuned.

Things are tough at privately owned tracks as well, especially in Oklahoma where two gorgeous modern facilities, Outlaw Motor Speedway and Longdale Speedway, will be idle in 2018 and now the Flint Creek Speedway is up for sale as well.

The Lake Ozark Speedway has decided to make a change from their original plans in regard to the divisions that will compete on Fridays and Saturdays this coming season. The Friday show will now feature the A Mods, B-Mods, Pure Stocks and Hornets while the Saturday programs will have the "big tires" with the 360 Winged Sprints, the ULMA Late Models, the Racesaver 305 Sprints and the Street Stocks.

Arizona Sport Shirts has signed a five year agreement to produce all of the apparel for Scott Bloomquist so look for some great artwork and color separation from my friends Dusty and Clay Kemp among the other talented folks at Arizona.

Bobby Pierce has announced that he will chase the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Sreies in 2018, no surprise since that is where the Dunn Benson team has been since the beginning while the World of Outlaws added three more names to their roster this week in Rusty Schlenk, Chris Ferguson and Colton Flinner. It will be the first run at a national series for Schlenk who won his second UMP National Championship in 2017 while it will be the second time that Ferguson stated this intention as he abandoned his plans after Speed Weeks in 2016. Flinner has shown improvement, but still had a long way to go to be a contender on the Lucas series the past two years so he will see if that experience now pays off with the Outlaws.

That's it for today, gotta run, heading to the capital city to catch the Prince Experience tonight. We're gonna party like it's 1999......back when everything didn't hurt so much!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cumulative All Iowa Points 305 Sprints 2006 Through 2017

The driver who won the first ever All Iowa Points championship for 305 Sprints when the division was picked up in 2006 continues to lead the list in the all-time standings after twelve seasons. Bruce Anderson of Trimont, Minnesota, increased his lead this year as the driver ranked second, Jayson Dittsworth, did not compete this past season while the driver in third, the 2008 champion Donnie Steward only scored two points fewer than Anderson in 2017.

Two-time champion Clint Benson (2014-15) remains in the fourth position while 2007 champion Matt Stephenson rounds out the top five. Two other former champs Casey Friedrichsen (2010) and Bill Boles (2011-12) are also in a top ten while Jason Martin moved from tenth to sixth on the list.

The 2017 All Iowa Points champion Jarrod Schneiderman climbed from 34th to 15th in the standings with his title.

For a summary of how and why the points are tabulated visit the Points Page at Positively Racing. The final standings for 2017 can be found there now and the points are updated there weekly during the racing season.

All Iowa Points 305 Sprints Total Points
Pos Driver Hometown 2006 - 2017
1 . Bruce Anderson Trimont MN 324
2 . Jayson Dittsworth Burlington 253
3 . Donnie Steward Burlington 250
4 . Clint Benson Papillion NE 211
5 . Matt Stephenson Des Moines 207
6 . Jason Martin Liberal KS 185
7 . Casey Friedrichsen Arthur 181
8 . Ryan Voss Okoboji 181
9 . Bill Boles Harris 172
10 . Justin Newberry Burlington 159
11 . Kevin Hetrick Gladstone IL 154
12 . Ryan Jamison Mediapolis 146
13 . Tyler Thompson Des Moines 146
14 . Bob Hildreth Iowa Falls 144
15 . Jarrod Schneiderman West Burlington 138
16 . John Schulz West Burlington 134
17 . Bobby Mincer Burlington 130
18 . Tyler Drueke Eagle NE 130
19 . Marty Stephenson Mitchellville 126
20 . Frank Phipps Everly 125
21 . Matt Moro Polk City 119
22 . Mike Boston Alvo NE 116
23 . Adam Gullion Lincoln NE 112
24 . Daniel Bergquist Burlington 109
25 . Steve Breazeale Trenton MO 105
26 . Dusty Ballenger Harrisburg SD 100
27 . Matthew Stelzer Omaha NE 97
28 . Trevor Grossenbacher Hickman NE 96
29 . Tasker Phillips Knoxville 92
30 . Chad Huston Jamesport MO 91
31 . Mike Blomstrom Lakeville MN 91
32 . Doug Lovegrove Waverly NE 90
33 . Nate Eakin Milford 90
34 . Brian Hetrick Gladstone IL 89
35 . Toby Chapman Panama NE 88
36 . Robby Wolfgang Sioux Falls SD 87
37 . Devin Kline Knoxville 83
38 . J Kinder Linn MO 80
39 . Austin Johnson Minneapolis MN 78
40 . Casey Abbas Lennox SD 78
41 . Ben Wagoner Emden IL 77
42 . Mark Widmar Ottumwa 77
43 . Shayle Bade Lincoln NE 75
44 . Chris Walraven Knoxville 74
45 . Kalob Johnson Sioux Falls SD 74
46 . Dustin Clark Eldon 72
47 . Terry Richards Denton NE 72
48 . Steve Yarns Jackson MN 71
49 . Matt Krieger Burlington 69
50 . Colin Smith Sheldon 67
51 . Mike Mayberry Fremont 65
52 . Dustin Whiting Burlington 64
53 . Michael Johnston Des Moines 63
54 . Mitchell Alexander Knoxville 63
55 . Jack Dover Springfield NE 61
56 . Nick Guernsey Burlington 60
57 . Dave Getchell Sperry 58
58 . Larry Ball Jr. Knoxville 58
59 . Christian Bowman Altoona 57
60 . Kade Higday Pleasant Hill 56
61 . Stacey Alexander Knoxville 56
62 . Andy Huston Roseville IL 55
63 . Mike Moore Des Moines 55
64 . Harold Pohren New London 54
65 . Louis Lynch Glenwood MO 54
66 . Alan Ambers Knoxville 53
67 . Brayden Gaylord Wever 53
68 . Jesse Lindberg Sioux Falls SD 52
69 . Rob Kubli Milo 51
70 . Justin Parrish Des Moines 50
71 . Jamie Ball Knoxville 49
72 . Joey Danley Lincoln NE 48
73 . Shane Quam Gladstone IL 47
74 . Ben Woods Newton 46
75 . Tony Davis Monmouth IL 46
76 . McKenna Haase Carlisle 45
77 . Doug Bratrud Jackson MN 43
78 . John Draper Bryant IL 43
79 . Russell Wiese Lake Park 43
80 . Shon Pointer Grand Island NE 43
81 . Derrik Lusk Jackson MN 42
82 . Jake Nicoson Ringsted 41
83 . Elliot Amdahl Flandreau SD 40
84 . Mike Houseman Jr. Des Moines 39
85 . Mike Van Haaften Pella 38
86 . Eric Bridger Winterset 36
87 . Mark Hodgins Spencer 36
88 . Jake Bubak Arvada CO 35
89 . Bob Lamb Mitchellville 34
90 . Tanner Gebhardt Burlington 33
91 . Travis Lain Des Moines 33
92 . Gene Ackland Martell NE 32
93 . Stu Snyder Waverly NE 32
94 . Corey Kautz Urbandale 31
95 . Josh Padellford Pleasantville 31
96 . Matt Richards Lincoln NE 31
97 . Michael Stien Ceylon MN 31
98 . Shadrach Sporaa Boone 31
99 . Trevor Smith Sheldon 31
100 . John Lambertz Sioux Falls SD 31
101 . Devin Friedrichsen Arthur 29
102 . Trevor Serbus Redwood Falls MN 29
103 . Brandon Allen Arlington MN 28
104 . Curt Thurmer Jackson MN 28
105 . Clint Garner Sioux Falls SD 27
106 . Tommy Barber Brandon SD 27
107 . Brady Forbrook Morgan MN 26
108 . Dalton Johnson Sioux Falls SD 26
109 . Jeff Metli Mason City 26
110 . Jordan Nordstrom Sioux Falls SD 25
111 . Ryan Yager Ringsted 25
112 . Joey Danley Lincoln NE 25
113 . Randy Rinehard Fort Dodge 24
114 . Jeff Edgington Sioux Falls SD 23
115 . Rager Phillips Pleasantville 23
116 . Shane Fick Brandon SD 23
117 . Andy Krieger Burlington 22
118 . Carson McCarl Altoona 22
119 . Jason Danley Lincoln NE 22
120 . John Carney Horizon TX 22
121 . Ryan Leavitt Knoxville 22
122 . Jake Erickson Jackson MN 21
123 . Tadd Holliman Murray NE 20
124 . Brandyn Martin Eldon 19
125 . Dillan Roth Burlington 19
126 . Justin Gianetto Cedar Rapids 19
127 . Brandon Halverson Jackson MN 18
128 . Eric Reichwaldt Plattsmouth NE 18
129 . Josh Schneiderman Burlington 18
130 . Scott Knudson Elkton SD 18
131 . Keith Carlberg Stratford 17
132 . Matt Ziebarth Sioux Falls SD 17
133 . Todd Pankow Trimont MN 17
134 . Tyler Glass Cedar Rapids 17
135 . Bart Friedrichsen Arthur 16
136 . Jeff Luhmann Jackson MN 16
137 . Ryan King Bennet NE 16
138 . Dakota Hendrickson Omaha NE 15
139 . Gordy Vogelaar Worthington MN 15
140 . Mike Philbin Grimes 15
141 . C.J. Houseman Des Moines 15
142 . Gregg Bolte Fremont NE 14
143 . Johnny Anderson Indianola 14
144 . Travis Cram Snohomish WA 14
145 . Troy Schreuers Baltic SD 14
146 . Cody Wehrle Burlington 13
147 . Dan Jorgenson Ringsted 13
148 . John Kearney Valley Falls KS 13
149 . Tom Lenz Strawberry Point 13
150 . Zach Blurton Quinter KS 13
151 . Antony Guiffre Newton 12
152 . Brad Comegys Des Moines 12
153 . Brandon Geldner Madison Lake MN 12
154 . Nathan Murders Burlington 12
155 . Dan Satriano Papillion NE 11
156 . Jonathan Cornell Sedalia MO 11
157 . Kyle Flodman Hickman NE 11
158 . Lee Bowes Lincoln NE 11
159 . Nick Johansen Tyler MN 11
160 . Patrick Moore Bettendorf 11
161 . Trevor Mell Harwood ND 11
162 . Kelby Watt Adel 11
163 . Ben Crees Jackson MN 10
164 . Cody Ambers Knoxville 10
165 . Dave Anderson Burlington 10
166 . Jack Potter Pleasant Hill MO 10
167 . Jacob Glasgow West Burlington 10
168 . Jake Leighty Worthington MN 10
169 . Kody Hildreth Iowa Falls 10
170 . Ron Love Lincoln NE 10
171 . Bobby Hawks Jacksonville IL 9
172 . Chad Wilson North Richland TX 9
173 . Isaac Schreuers Sioux Falls SD 9
174 . Jeff Mitrisin Oskaloosa 9
175 . Logan Trueblood Memphis MO 9
176 . Chase Wanner Agency 8
177 . Mark Johnson Des Moines 8
178 . Ricky Logan Little Rock AR 8
179 . Tim St. Arnold Des Moines 8
180 . Jared Jansen Sioux Falls SD 8
181 . Jeff Wilke Genoa IL 7
182 . Monte Hill Fairfield 7
183 . Nathan Mills Bondurant 7
184 . Ryan Hall Midlothian TX 7
185 . Scott Boles New London 7
186 . Seth Wilke Burlington 7
187 . Shawn Deman Knoxville 7
188 . Chase Weiler Lincoln NE 7
189 . Colton Fisher Mediapolis 7
190 . Bailey Goldesberry Springfield IL 6
191 . Ben Waxdahl Flandreau SD 6
192 . Derek Anderson Estherville 6
193 . Evan Epperson Muscatine 6
194 . Keoni Texeira Honolulu HI 6
195 . Lacey Tuttle Omaha NE 6
196 . Larry Cook Fort Dodge 6
197 . Nathan Weiler LaVista NE 6
198 . Randy Smith Mount Ayr 6
199 . Richard Weers Lincoln NE 6
200 . Wayne Redmond Fort Dodge 6
201 . Brad Ryun Higginsville MO 5
202 . Brandon Wimmer Fairmount IN 5
203 . Damian Getchell Sperry 5
204 . Eric Todd Falcon MO 5
205 . George Crawford Springfield IL 5
206 . Jake Strayer Newton 5
207 . Jeff Schreuers Sioux Falls SD 5
208 . Jim Tiesler Round Lake MN 5
209 . John Hillman Jefferson City MO 5
210 . Jordan Prehn Garner 5
211 . Josh Higday Des Moines 5
212 . Kyle McCutcheon Alamogordo NM 5
213 . Kyle Peterson Gladstone IL 5
214 . Micah Schliemann Baltic SD 5
215 . Nate VanHaaften Otley 5
216 . Shawn Whiting West Burlington 5
217 . Trish Dover Springfield NE 5
218 . Wayne Johnson Knoxville 5
219 . Chris Duffy Sioux Falls SD 5
220 . Devin Wignall Altoona 5
221 . Joel Thorpe Des Moines 5
222 . Robert Vetter Wolfe City TX 5
223 . Adam Thurmer Jackson MN 4
224 . Bill Johnson St. Peter MN 4
225 . Blaine Jamison Mediapolis 4
226 . Blake Robertson 4
227 . Brandon Horton Omaha NE 4
228 . Brett Allen Gaylord MN 4
229 . Cale Hutchings Bloomfield 4
230 . Caleb Wankel Jacksonville IL 4
231 . Christopher Scank Cedar Rapids 4
232 . Clint Leedom Ottumwa 4
233 . Corey Timmerman Carman IL 4
234 . Dale Furby Sioux Falls SD 4
235 . Jeremy Schultz Stewart MN 4
236 . Justin Standridge Athens IL 4
237 . Kenny Long Fairmont MN 4
238 . Kevin Roth Kansas City MO 4
239 . Kevin Tanner Russell 4
240 . Kris Miller Woodward OK 4
241 . Mike Sheridan 4
242 . Nick Bryan Lincoln NE 4
243 . Nick Ross Oskaloosa 4
244 . Patrick Long Hedrick 4
245 . Renn Weber Hartford SD 4
246 . Steve Palmer Des Moines 4
247 . Cody Ledger Omaha NE 4
248 . Josh Sterrett Huron SD 4
249 . Russ Hall Pleasant Hill 4
250 . Andy Shouse Oklahoma City OK 3
251 . Blain Petersen Essex 3
252 . Brad Ball Lincoln NE 3
253 . Brian Herbert Dodge City KS 3
254 . Chris Campbell New Berlin IL 3
255 . Dustin Selvage Indianola 3
256 . Earl Tice Ames 3
257 . Eddie Evans Marysville WA 3
258 . Gary Bonar Burlington 3
259 . Jeremy Vanderplaats Sibley 3
260 . Matt Hasara Lakefield MN 3
261 . Nick Eastin Burlington 3
262 . Nick Lusk Jackson MN 3
263 . R.J. Johnson Tampa FL 3
264 . Sawyer Phillips Pleasantville 3
265 . Brandon Worthington Indianola 3
266 . Danny Nekolite 3
267 . Joe Simbro Pleasantville 3
268 . Kevin Ramey Fort Worth TX 3
269 . Brian Ridge Ottumwa 2
270 . Doug Roth Axtell NE 2
271 . Jason Howell Azie TX 2
272 . Jason Rakes Hastings NE 2
273 . John Ricketts Burleson TX 2
274 . Keith Dragoo Lincoln NE 2
275 . Manny Rockhold Pekin IL 2
276 . Mark Ellefritz Carthage IL 2
277 . Mark Pace Lincoln NE 2
278 . Michael Brown Kingsville MO 2
279 . Phil Hauge Burlington 2
280 . Robbie Standridge Springfield IL 2
281 . Tanner Edwards Van Meter 2
282 . Zach Clark Olathe KS 2
283 . Brian Armitage Athens IL 2
284 . Dave Becker Belle Plaine MN 2
285 . Dylon Truxhorn 2
286 . Lee Goos Jr. Hartford SD 2
287 . Rob Pohren Mt. Pleasant 2
288 . Billy Brickley Wataga IL 1
289 . Claud Estes Godley TX 1
290 . Dalton Ryder Webster City 1
291 . David Saffell Pleasantville 1
292 . Jeff Gieg Johnstown CO 1
293 . Jesse Cripe South Haven MN 1
294 . Jesse Wagler West Burlington 1
295 . Jim Klinghagen 1
296 . Jordan Martens Harrisburg SD 1
297 . Josh Gesell Ridgeway 1
298 . Lorne Wofford Alamagordo NM 1
299 . Luke Cranston Holcomb KS 1
300 . Michael Fishel Mason City 1
301 . Mike Dapra Knoxville 1
302 . Steven Russell Springfield IL 1
303 . Tony Crank Sedalia MO 1
304 . Troy Gochanour Armstrong 1
305 . Wayne Sternburgh 1
306 . Boyd Peterson Ithaca NE 1
307 . Brandon Stevenson Holstein 1
308 . Justin Allen Gaylord MN 1
309 . Nathan Charron Hartsburg IL 1
310 . Taylor Ryan Flandreau SD 1