Sunday, April 19, 2015

Unzicker In A Thriller For Slocum 50 Title At 34 Raceway

It was one of those nights that you just knew could come to a screeching end at any moment. Okay, so "screeching" is not the appropriate adjective, perhaps "soggy" would be better. The weather forecast for the 7th Annual Slocum 50 at 34 Raceway near Burlington called for a very good chance of rain by 8 p.m. and many of the race fans in the stands, including myself, were regularly checking the radar that showed the showers and thunderstorms that had already wiped out the racing action at nearly every other track in the state inching closer and closer to the southeast Iowa facility. In fact, by 8 p.m. I had convinced myself that I should just be satisfied with watching the five heat races for the 38 Late Models in attendance because there would be no way that this show would stay dry until its completion.

Brent Slocum
And while it may sound cliche', you would have a hard time convincing me this Sunday morning that someone from above didn't have a hand in steering those storms around the speedway, so close that there was wet pavement on my way home just west of Middletown only a couple of miles from the track. Yes, someone gave all of us race fans a big High Five Saturday night and boy am I glad he did as the finish of the Late Model main event will be one that will be talked about for years to come.

Mike Fryer and Ryan Unzicker brought the field to green for the fifty-lap headliner with Unzicker riding the perilous cushion that was pushed all the way to the top of turns one and two to take command. Billy Moyer who started fifth wasted no time in making his way to the front and on lap six he drove under Unzicker to take the lead. Just as that lap was being scored the caution waved for a two car incident involving Jay Johnson and Scott Bloomquist at the entrance to turn three. Both drivers needed a provisional to start the feature and each had made some early progress before the tangle that would force them both to the pits for the remainder of the race.

On the restart Moyer again pulled away while the race for second now went to Mark Burgtorf who shuffled Unzicker back to third. Chris Simpson had started eighth and he soon joined the battle for position in the top five before the caution waved again on lap seventeen for a spin by Rich Bell when it appeared his rear end locked up going down the back stretch. The scenario of Moyer leading while others raced hard for second then repeated itself until a pair of cautions on lap twenty-six, first for a Mitch McGrath spin in turn one and then on the restart when the pole-sitter Fryer spun in turn two.

The race would go green from there and while Moyer would stretch the lead out to half a straightaway it began to slowly shrink once Unzicker moved back into second. The leader was running a line that was about three car widths off the bottom and the challenger was now finding some bite right around the bottom on both ends of the 3/8th-mile oval. With four laps to go Unzicker was able to put a nose under Moyer in turn one and that seemed to motivate the veteran driver as he again pulled away a bit on the following lap. Unzicker charged back though and pulled even with Moyer in turns one and two as they raced lap forty-nine and he again got under Moyer coming off turn four as they raced to the white flag.

Moyer took away the bottom line entering turn one and held a two car length lead as they raced down the back stretch. And that is when Unzicker made the move. Going back to the cushion in turns three and four, where he had not been since the early laps of the race, the El Paso, Illinois, driver found the bite that he need to slingshot past Moyer at the exit of turn four and beat him to the line much to the delight of the large crowd that was now standing and some even jumping in appreciation. Chris Simpson would chase the top two in for third, Jason Utter came from fourteenth to finish fourth and Chad Simpson completed the top five. Burgtorf would hold down the sixth position just ahead of Tony Jackson Jr. Garrett Alberson was a thrill a minute coming from the tenth row to finish eighth, Justin Reed was ninth and tenth went to Dave Eckrich.

Fans that stuck around after the Late Model feature saw a pretty darn good 305 Sprint Car feature as well. John Schulz would lead the first six laps of the twenty-lap finale before Donnie Steward flew by while precariously working that turns one and two cushion. Schulz tried to fight back before Justin Newberry slipped by him on on a late restart and while it would have only taken one slight miscue by Steward for things to change, that mistake never happened as Donnie Steward scored the win ahead of Newberry. Dustin Clark who originally went to Knoxville before they rained out just after 6 p.m. made the long trip down to Burlington and started at the rear of the sixteen-car field for the feature. Clark spun early, but then got into the groove and he would pass Schulz on the final lap to finish third. Cody Wehrle who challenged for the lead early would finish in the fifth position.

The Stock Car division was twenty strong and had the unfortunate task of filling the time between the completion of the second Late Model B-Main and the start of the Late Model feature. With lightning flashing to both the west and the north, plus with the radar showing a cell moving up from the south and headed right for the track the only thing that would have been acceptable to the throng of anxious race fans would have been a non-stop fifteen lapper where the winner simply waved to the crowd after taking the checkers and then driven straight to the pits as if to say "no thanks, I'll pick up my trophy later so that we can get this Late Model show in before it rains."

That was not what happened.

The first try at a start saw Dane Fenton and Brad Egbert tangle in turn four as the opening lap was being scored. It then took some time to get drivers to go in the order that they had been scored as since this was the first track points event of the season for the division officials couldn't just "let 'em go" as some of the Late Model fans were yelling. Cautions on laps eight, nine, twelve and thirteen only added to the angst despite the fact that while under green the racing up front was very entertaining as Jake Wenig fought off the challenges of both John Oliver Jr. and Tom Bowling Jr. to score the win. On any other night fans would have probably enjoyed Wenig's victory celebration of spinning a couple of donuts on the front stretch and then standing on top of his car in jubilation.

Tonight, not so much.

Oliver would finish in the second spot with Bowling in third. Andrew Hustead was impressive in his IMCA Stock Car debut at 34 Raceway finishing in the fourth spot after starting in row eight and Abe Huls filled out the top five.

Slocum Notes......The event honors the memory of personable Late Model driver Brent Slocum who lost his life in a tragic pit accident here at 34 Raceway ten years ago. Brent's close fried Brad Stevens and his large group of friends and family do an amazing job of delivering on their promise year after year to continue to make this event bigger and better. For more on Brent I encourage you to subscribe to Dirt On Dirt and read Kevin Kovac's fine feature story......The thirty-eight car field raced under the standard UMP Summer Nationals format where they qualified within heat race groups and then started "straight up" which as usual produced little passing during the five heats......Terry Phillips fought off Garrett Alberson's persistent challenges for the third and final transfer spot in the first heat......South Dakota's Mike Stadel had a pretty healthy engine fire early in the second heat. He came back to run his B-Main later in the evening but failed to qualify for the feature......Jason Utter showed signs that he could make a big run later in the night as he was the only driver to make a pass for a top three position after the first lap of a heat race when he got past Wisconsin's Mitch McGrath to finish third in heat race number four......Scott Bloomquist had a rough night all around starting during his qualifying effort when he jumped the cushion in turn one on his first lap and he then stumbled on the cushion in turn four on his second lap. This would start him sixth in the seven-car fifth heat race where he was able to move up to fourth, but he could not chase down Rodney Sanders to get qualified. In the first B-Main Bloomquist started third, dropped to fourth on the opening lap, and then moved past Alberson into third a few laps in. Alberson, the New Mexico native driving the Childress #F5 based in Louisiana, used the cushion to get back around Bloomquist late in the race for the third and final transfer spot forcing the Late Model legend to use a provisional just to start the feature where he then had the early exit. Bloomquist was definitely in the spirit of the evening though as he sported a black and white High Five Racing logo on the right side of his car......Tim Manville who, to me at least, was a bit of a surprise entrant after winning on opening night at I-55 in Pevely a couple of weeks ago, was the first B-Main winner after starting fourth. Manville would get as high as seventh in the feature before slipping back to eleventh at the finish and after the race he and Dave Eckrich traded pleasantries following some high speed contact in the closing laps......Jesse Stovall started fifth and finished second to McGrath in the second B-Main but was later an early retiree from the feature.....Young Spencer Diercks had the fastest qualifying lap overall, but he too dropped from the feature early.....For the second year in a row the event had sanctioning from three regional touring series with MARS, ALMS and the Corn Belt Clash. All three will also be in action tonight (Sunday) at the Quad City Speedway in East Moline, Illinois.

While it may not have seemed that way to the Late Model fans who were rightfully nervous about the weather, the show was presented in a fairly efficient manner as the final checkers of the night waved at 10:30. Officials not only eliminated a planned intermission that would have paid tribute to Brent Slocum, but they also moved the Late Model feature ahead of the Sprint Cars in order to beat the impending weather.

All in all another big success and I will be ready to mark my calendar when the date for the 2016 Slocum 50 is announced.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Osky Openers To VanderBeek, Murray, Van Der Wal, Thrasher and Orwig

The Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa opened its 2015 regular season in style Wednesday night by admitting all drivers free of charge. The unique promotion swelled the car count to a total of 85 in the five divisions and, as usual here, the IMCA Stock Cars took center stage not only with the most cars (28), but with the most entertaining feature of the night as well.

Twenty-five of those Stock Cars would take the green for the 18-lap main event and when they exited turn two for the first time the drivers starting in the first two rows, Shane Weller, Todd Reitzler, Mike Hughes and Damon Murty were four-wide looking for the lead down the back stretch. Murty, who had started fourth, would have the advantage as lap one was scored and he started to ease away from the field that was still racing two and three wide for position behind him. A caution for Mike Brown who was making his Stock Car debut tonight in a car #54 reminiscent of both his grandfather Jim and his father Aaron bunched the field up again on lap three and on the restart Zack VanderBeek emerged from the pack as the primary challenger to Murty's lead.

Zack would first try low for a couple of laps only to have Murty squeeze him down and maintain the lead, and then he took a peek on the high side only to again have Murty shut the door coming off of turn four on lap seven. On the following lap though VanderBeek again went to the high line and pulled even with Murty down the front stretch and then finally wrestled the lead away from Damon in turn one. The most successful Stock Car driver in the state of Iowa over the past three seasons, Murty was not about to give in and he went right back to work trying to edge under the new leader. By lap ten as Cayden Carter was looking to make it a three way battle for the lead, announcer Tony Paris noted that there was now a three-wide race for seventh down the back stretch.

I glanced back at the battle for a second, but had to quickly return my attention to turn four as once again Murty had nearly pulled even with VanderBeek for the lead as Carter looked for racing room around both of them. One of those three-wide contenders for seventh, Derrick Agee had moved up to fifth before he slowed with mechanical issues bringing out the caution one last time with four laps remaining. On the restart Carter was able to shuffle Murty back to third, but he was never able to mount a serious challenge on VanderBeek in the closing laps as "Kelderman's Komets" once again swept the top two positions with "The Z-Man" in victory lane. Murty would have to settle for the third spot, Nathan Wood raced his way up from eleventh to fourth and Mike Hughes who has returned to the Stock Car division for 2015 finished in fifth.

VanderBeek (33z) shown during Frostbuster action at Osky - Barry Johnson photo

Twelve of the thirteen IMCA Modifieds in attendance would start the 18-lap feature race and after dominating in his heat race Jacob Murray seemed to be a lock to runaway with this one as well starting from the outside of the front row. Jimmy Gustin tried to keep up with Murray, but was starting to lose touch with him when the red flag waved on lap number five. Young Cole Ferguson who had posted a fifth-place finish here two weeks ago against a big field of Modifieds in the Frostbuster was racing down the back stretch and went over the ridge between the track and the access road. As he tried to return to the track at full speed he turned sideways and slid into the stack of tractor tires that protect the start of the guardrail entering three. Those tires did their job and absorbed the impact that was so great that Ferguson's car was launched straight up perhaps about ten feet into the air. The car landed behind the guardrail, out of sight from us in the grandstand, and everybody was very relieved when it was soon announced that Cole was getting out of the car under his own power with no serious injuries. It was definitely a scary incident to see!

Once back to racing Murray again pulled away putting himself about a half a straightaway ahead by the time that Carter Vandenberg slipped past Gustin for second. In his rookie season in the Modifieds, Vandenberg was making up ground lap by lap and as the white flag waved he was within two car lengths. Murray stayed smooth though and maintained the advantage over the final half-mile to make it a one-two sweep for his own Murray built race cars. Gustin trailed the lead duo in third, Tyler Groenendyk fresh off a win last Friday in Donnellson finished fourth while Kyle Brown came from the fifth row to take fifth.

The IMCA Sport Mod feature saw a three-wide race for the lead on the opening lap as Curtis Van Der Wal moved quickly from his fifth starting spot to pull even with front row starters Jake McBirnie and Brandon Dale entering turn three. Van Der Wal would take the lead bringing the fourth starting Brett Lowry right with him up to second and those two drivers would then pull away from the field. Fifteen more laps later and Curtis would park his sharp looking #1V in victory lane once again here at Osky with Lowry running second, Brayton Carter in third, McBirnie held on for fourth and Jason McDaniel finish fifth. After having mechanical issues in his heat race Logan Anderson started from fifteenth and finished sixth in the non-stop event.

After winning the Frostbuster event here two weeks ago Danny Thrasher made it two for two going flag-to-flag in the Hobby stock feature. Thrasher started on the outside of row one and while he had company just behind him the entire distance "The Dude" was never seriously challenged. Bill Bonnet completed a final lap pass of Jamie Songer to be the runner-up while Dustin Griffiths and Derek Hodges completed the top five.

The Sport Compacts started the evening's feature races in fine fashion as Bill Whalen Jr. and Trent Orwig had a great battle for the lead throughout the entire twelve-lap distance. Orwig led early, but when he got too high entering turn one on lap four Whalen took advantage. Orwig came right back though and tried to find his way back to the lead for several laps until he was able to do so on lap ten. Whalen stayed close looking for one more mistake that never came as Orwig scored the victory and he was later congratulated during the victory lane interview by Whalen who, win or lose, is usually involved in the celebration one way or another. Matt Moore finished third, John Whalen was fourth and Seith Woodruff made the long tow in from Carthage, Illinois, to finish fifth.

Even with the red flag downtime the final checkered flag waved at ten o'clock on another fine night of racing presented by Mike VanGenderen and his crew proving once again that there is no better way to spend a Wednesday night! At first glance giving away a free pit pass to the drivers might not seem like a big deal, but if you do the math you will find that this was $2,125 that was not taken in at the pit gate. The crowd was solid in the stands and the hope is that the difference was made up both there and in the concessions. However you look at it, this was definitely a successful regular season opener for the Southern Iowa Speedway.

A change of plans will now keep me away from the races on Friday night and I am not happy about the change in the weather forecast for Saturday. My primary destination is still the Slocum 50 at 34 Raceway in Burlington, however with the help of of both the Specials and Weekly dates on the Calendar page at Positively Racing I have identified fourteen other possibilities should rain threaten or cancel my main target. Always good to be prepared and I hope to see you again soon on the Back Stretch!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Notebook: April 14, 2015

Other than a lingering cough the allergies are subsiding, thanks to Claritin, and I am once again geared up for three races in four days. Wednesday will be the regular season opener at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa where all drivers will get their pit pass free of charge.  Yes, as of right now there is a 20% chance of light showers, but hopefully you will not let that keep you from coming out to the track especially since this is one of those rare occasions so far this season where there will not be the opportunity to watch it live on pay-per-view on the internet. Come on out and support racing the old-fashioned way, by showing up in person!

Friday night I look forward to returning to the Davenport Speedway for the opening night of the MARS/ALMS/Corn Belt Clash three-race swing through the region. It will be a completely different look from what I had last week when the IMCA Late Models ran on the quarter-mile oval as this week the Super Late Models will attack the big half-mile at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

Saturday night will find me at 34 Raceway near Burlington for the third straight week, this time for the 7th running of the Brent Slocum Memorial. With $10,555 posted for the winner, and with the triple sanction, this event should once again draw a stellar field of Late Models despite the fact that the rescheduled Illini 100 for the World of Outlaws Late Models will be running just three hours to the east at Farmer City Raceway. The topic of who is racing where this weekend is already a hot one on the message boards and, while I may be considered a "homer" for saying so, I think that the car count for the Slocum will suffer less than the Illini will.

And while many of the Late Model fans may not even care, two of my favorite divisions will be running as support classes at 34 Raceway on Saturday night. The track's 305 Sprint Car division is one of the strongest in the country and there will likely be twenty or more cars in attendance, plus the IMCA Stock Cars seem to put on a great show no matter what facility that you see them at.

The Late Model tripleheader wraps up on Sunday night at the Quad City Speedway and while I would love to close out the weekend there I will have likely used up all of my "points" by then if you know what I mean.

Those of you who know me know that it is not completely out of the realm of possibility when I say something like "someday when I run a racetrack, this is what I will do" and one of those things that I have told others is that I would have a stated rule that in effect would say that if you or your fans are bashing me, or the race track on the internet then I have the right to ban you from racing at, and possibly even attending my facility. Seems like a pretty reasonable situation to me, if this place sucks so bad that you want to bitch about it on Facebook, or on a forum board, then you shouldn't have any problem with not coming back. Right?

So I am following with much interest the feedback to this that was posted on the Buena Vista Raceway Facebook page:

NOTE: Using Social Media networks/forum boards to promote any negative conduct may also be grounds for suspension and/or being banned from attending any events at Buena Vista Raceway.

I think that most people get it and understand the intention as it is nothing different than what businesses in this glorious free country of ours have maintained for years: The Right To Refuse to do business with someone whom they feel is detrimental to the successful operation of their business due to their actions. Think about it this way, if you are going to bad mouth my restaurant on Facebook or on a forum board it is likely that you are not coming back anyway and, if you do and you continue to bitch about it, why would I want you in there ever again. Makes sense doesn't it?

Some folks of course are immediately pointing out "where's my right to free speech"??? Umm, I don't see where they are taking that away, you can still say whatever you want to about the track and how it is being run. They are just saying that if they don't like what you have to say and if they deem it to be promoting "negative conduct" they have the right to ban you from attending. You have your rights, they have theirs. It is a great country isn't it?!

And someday when I am running my own race track not only will I have a rule that will be quite similar to what the Buena Vista Raceway has established, but I will also have incentives for drivers who help to promote the track on social media. After all, the more fans that we both put in the stands, the better off we all are!

Points Update

I just sent the updated All Iowa Points on to the Webmistress and when she has the chance to upload them to the Points page at Positively Racing you will see that for the first time in the forty-eight year history we have young ladies leading in two different divisions. Jenae Gustin currently paces the Limited Modified standings and, with her win at the Quincy Raceway season opener on Sunday night, Kimberly Abbott jumps to the top of the Four Cylinder standings. This is no fluke as both Jenae and Kimberly have a solid shot at becoming the first-ever female All Iowa Points champion in any division. Why not both?

Several sets of standings follow, the first of which being the All Missouri Points that uses the same 5-point scale as does the Iowa version. The National Dirt Late Model Points as well as the National 410 Winged Sprint Car points are tabulated with the point-scale for each event determined by the winner's purse. In other words, the more it pays to win, the more points that are awarded. You may have noticed that I had originally started out 2015 also tracking the 360 Sprints, the Non Wing Sprints and the Midgets, but as the schedules start to fill in here in April I came to my senses yesterday and decided that I'm too old to work that hard.

Enjoy and I hope to see you at the track soon!

Missouri Points
Late Model
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Jesse Stovall Galena 9
2 . Tim Manville Highland IL 9
3 . Billy Laycock Marine IL 6
4 . Jared Landers Batesville AR 6
5 . Jon Binning Warrensburg 5
6 . Michael Kloos Trenton IL 5
7 . Ryan Gustin Marshalltown IA 5
8 . Scott Weber Festus 5
9 . Tony Jackson Jr. Lebanon 5
10 . Dwight Niehoff Lockwood 4
11 . Will Vaught Seneca 4
12 . Billy Moyer Batesville AR 3
13 . Bryan Collins Elsberry 3
14 . Jeremy Payne Springfield 3
15 . Jason Utter Columbus Jct. IA 3
16 . Lane Ehlert Foristell 3
17 . Bob King Independence 2
18 . Brandon Hightower Natchez LA 2
19 . Chad Simpson Marion IA 2
20 . Jack Sullivan Greenbriar AR 2
21 . David Jumper 1
22 . Dustin Walker Peculiar 1
23 . Gage Wineland Syracuse 1
24 . Kolby Vandenbergh 1

Missouri Points
Winged Sprints (410 & 360)
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Tommy Worley Jr. Bismarck 6
2 . Joey Boyd Farmington 5
3 . Joey Montgomery Fredericktown 5
4 . Jerrod Hull Sikeston 4
5 . Jimmy Hurley Springfield IL 4
6 . A.J. Bruns Lincoln IL 3
7 . Ryan Kempin Catawissa 2
8 . Kasey Burch Farmington 1

Missouri Points
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Michael Long Fowler IL 14
2 . Logan Martin West Plains 12
3 . Dennis Elliott Mount Ayr IA 9
4 . Terry Schultz Sedalia 8
5 . Dean Hoffman St. Louis 7
6 . Hunter Marriott Brookfield 7
7 . Josh Russell Festus 7
8 . Matt Eaton Park Hills 7
9 . Brent Thompson Park Hills 6
10 . Mike Densberger Lincoln NE 6
11 . Tim Karrick Basehor KS 6
12 . Billy Smith Park Hills 5
13 . Danny Resinger Farmington 5
14 . Darron Fuqua Mayetta KS 5
15 . Jeff Cutshaw Cross Timbers 5
16 . Lewis Jackson Wellsville KS 5
17 . Matt Dotson Hallsville 5
18 . Ryan Gustin Marshalltown IA 5
19 . Ryan Schaffer Corning IA 5
20 . Cayden Carter Oskaloosa IA 4
21 . Darren Shaw Lawson 4
22 . Gunner Martin Blue Springs 4
23 . Jeff Asher Ironton 4
24 . Jody Tillman West Branson 4
25 . Joe Horgdahl Kasson MN 4
26 . John Allen Chanute KS 4
27 . Keith Foss Winona MN 4
28 . Kenny Wallace Concord NC 4
29 . Cade Dillard Robeline LA 3
30 . Chad Smith Springdale AR 3
31 . Clay Hale Cameron 3
32 . Dalton Kirk Edgerton KS 3
33 . Jon Sheets Nevada 3
34 . Lance Town Louisburg 3
35 . Mitch Keeter Webb City 3
36 . Richie Gustin Gilman IA 3
37 . Rusty Griffaw Festus 3
38 . Tyler Schmidt Easton KS 3
39 . Brent Holman Rogers AR 2
40 . Cory Wray Trenton 2
41 . Eric Turner Hermitage 2
42 . Houston Johnson Kansas City 2
43 . Johnny Fennewald Appleton City 2
44 . Josh Everhart Burlingame KS 2
45 . Mike Savage Pilot Knob 2
46 . Steven Glenn Hamilton 2
47 . Stormy Scott Las Cruces NM 2
48 . Todd Van Eaton Orient IA 2
49 . Austin Johnson Kansas City 1
50 . Conrad Miner St. Louis 1
51 . Dereck Ramirez Woodward OK 1
52 . Jeff James Stanton IA 1
53 . Ken Schrader Concord NC 1
54 . Mark Miner Arnold 1
55 . Rex Merritt Billings  1
56 . Robbie Reed Mexico 1
57 . Rooster Griffin 1
58 . Zach Sanders Kearney 1

Missouri Points
Limited Modifieds
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Andy Bryant Fort Scott KS 18
2 . Brad Smith Belton 10
3 . Eddie Gross 10
4 . Jacob Ebert Oak Grove 10
5 . Jenae Gustin Marshalltown IA 10
6 . Jeff LeBaube High Ridge 9
7 . Tim Eaton St. Joseph 9
8 . Truman Asher St. Joseph 9
9 . Chad Staus Otterville 6
10 . Curtis Berry Raymore 6
11 . Greg Swaringim 6
12 . Mike Savage Annapolis 6
13 . Clint Luellen Minburn IA 5
14 . Eddie Schwope Jr. St. Joseph 5
15 . Jason Worley 5
16 . Joey Gower Quincy IL 5
17 . Trevor Drake Webb City 5
18 . Adam Hall Columbia 4
19 . Chad Clancy Liberty 4
20 . Danan Knott Coffey 4
21 . Dean Wille Warrensburg 4
22 . Fred Sparks Jr. 4
23 . Dusty Homan 4
24 . Jim Gillenwater Keokuk IA 4
25 . Logan Martin West Plains 4
26 . Randall Schiffelbein Jr. Tecumseh KS 4
27 . Austin Howes Memphis 3
28 . Chris Martin Lee's Summit 3
29 . Cory Crapser Chippewa Falls WI 3
30 . Kenny Harris 3
31 . Kris Jackson Lebanon 3
32 . Shadren Turner St. Joseph 3
33 . Stephen Fohne 3
34 . Travis Bittle 3
35 . Troy Carlyle Kearney 3
36 . Austin Kaplan Ankeny IA 2
37 . C.J. Springer 2
38 . Cody Frazon Lamonte 2
39 . Dakota Foster Garner KS 2
40 . J.C. Morton Springfield 2
41 . Jayden Bears Kansas City 2
42 . Jim Blaine Oak Grove 2
43 . Scott Wickliffe 2
44 . Brandon Dale Gorin 1
45 . Brett Lowry Montezuma IA 1
46 . Brett Wood Warrensburg 1
47 . Carl Murphy Caulfield 1
48 . Chuck Adams 1
49 . Don Marrs Shawnee KS 1
50 . Jeremy Pittsenbarger Cameron 1
51 . Joe Geisler St. Genevieve 1
52 . Kyle Wilde 1
53 . Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs KS 1
54 . Michael Bixby Harrisonville 1
55 . Randy Ainsworth Excelsior Springs 1

The "Back Stretch"
Dirt Late Model Points Through 4/12
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Shane Clanton Locust Grove GA 46
2 . Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg TN 34
3 . Jonathan Davenport Blairsville GA 33
4 . Josh Richards Shinnston WV 33
5 . Jimmy Owens Newport TN 32
6 . Billy Moyer Batesville AR 29
7 . Darrell Lanigan Union KY 29
8 . Randy Weaver Crossville TN 25
9 . Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville FL 22
10 . Casey Roberts Toccoa GA 21
11 . Jared Landers Batesville AR 18
12 . Bobby Pierce Oakwood IL 17
13 . Donald McIntosh Dawsonville GA 16
14 . Frank Heckenast Jr. Orland Park IL 15
15 . Steve Casebolt Richmond IN 15
16 . Brandon Sheppard New Berlin IL 14
17 . Don O'Neal Martinsville IN 13
18 . Brandon Overton Appling GA 12
19 . Chris Simpson Marion IA 12
20 . Riley Hickman Ooletwah TN 12
21 . Dale McDowell Chickamauga GA 11
22 . Mark Whitener Middleburg FL 11
23 . Tim McCreadie Watertown NY 11
24 . Dennis Erb Jr. Carpentersville IL 10
25 . Devin Moran Dresden OH 10
26 . Eddie Carrier Jr. Salt Rock WV 10
27 . Morgan Bagley Longview TX 10
28 . Chris Madden Gray Court SC 9
29 . Dennis Franklin Gaffney SC 9
30 . Billy Ogle Jr. Knoxville TN 8
31 . Chub Frank Sugar Grove PA 8
32 . Jason Hiett Lincoln AL 8
33 . Jon Mitchell Nash TX 8
34 . Steve Francis Ashland KY 8
35 . Tony Jackson Jr. Lebanon MO 8
36 . Justin Kay Wheatland IA 7
37 . Stormy Scott Las Cruces NM 7

The "Back Stretch"
Winged 410 Sprint Points Through 4/12
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Donny Schatz Minot ND 45
2 . Paul McMahan Nashville TN 36
3 . Shane Stewart Bixby OK 35
4 . Joey Saldana Brownsburg IN 29
5 . Danny Lasoski Dover MO 27
6 . Kerry Madsen Knoxville IA 26
7 . Brad Sweet Grass Valley CA 24
8 . Daryn Pittman Owasso OK 23
9 . Greg Hodnett Thomasville PA 18
10 . Terry McCarl Altoona IA 17
11 . Brian Brown Grain Valley MO 16
12 . Rico Abreu Rutherford CA 14
13 . Jason Sides Bartlett TN 13
14 . Steve Kinser Bloomington IN 12
15 . David Gravel Watertown CT 11
16 . Tim Kaeding San Jose CA 10
17 . Dale Blaney Fowler OH 9
18 . Danny Dietrich Gettysburg PA 9
19 . Aaron Reutzel Clute TX 8
20 . Brian Monteith Phoenixville PA 8
21 . Craig Dollansky Elk River MN 8
22 . Stevie Smith Broken Arrow OK 8
23 . Tanner Thorson Minden NV 7
24 . Kyle Hirst Sacramento CA 6
25 . Kyle Larson Elk Grove CA 6
26 . Ryan Smith Kunkletown PA 6