Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sport Compacts Deliver A Three-Wide Finish At CJ

The Sport Compact division rarely gets lead billing, and on this warm and windy Tuesday evening where the track conditions were not conducive to good racing in the other two divisions the four cylinders delivered with a thrilling race that went right down to the wire. This was the first of four Tuesday night specials that the CJ Speedway in Columbus Junction will hold in 2017 as a compliment to their weekly Friday night races.

Twenty-three Sport Compacts were on hand racing for a healthy $500-to-win with a solid payback throughout the field and many of the best in the area were in attendance. Dan Campbell would emerge as the leader on the opening lap of fifteen before Darin Smith slipped under him on lap two. Kimberly Abbott then moved into second and would shadow Smith until the red flag waved on lap six. Brady Wilkerson and Alyssa Steele had collided in turn one and track officials wanted to check on the drivers after a hard hit. Both were okay, although there was apparently a discussion in the pits later in the evening.

On the Delaware double-file restart Smith moved to the bottom to block the run from Abbott leaving the outside open for Daniel Fellows who pulled even with the leader in turn one and then nosed ahead at the exit of turn two. Smith kept digging though and he would stay to the inside of Fellows entering turn three to retain the lead as lap seven was scored, and in the scramble it would be Jake Benischek who would move to second. Abbott was able to get back by Benischek for second on lap eight only to have Jake return the favor on lap nine as Smith tried to slip away.

Once he settled into second Benischek quickly closed back in on Smith with Abbott close behind in a three car breakaway from the rest of the field and as the laps clicked away they ran single file bumper to bumper waiting for Smith to make a mistake. That was not going to happen though so as the white flag waved Benischek made his move muscling to the inside of Smith going into turn one. The power move worked and Benischek was the new leader going down the back stretch, but Smith was not about to give in and when Jake left the door open just enough in turn four Darin applied his own aggressive move to get underneath and the two drivers now had a drag race to the checkers ahead of them. Abbott was right there as well hoping for contact between the two in front of her and as they crossed the stripe it was Smith the winner by half a car length over Benischek in second and just a car length over Abbott in third. Austen Becerra and Craig Bangert who both started in the fifth row completed the top five. It should also be noted that Benischek and mid-race contender Fellows had come from the sixth row.

Stock Cars and Sport Mods were also on the card tonight with their features serving as book ends to the Sport Compact thriller.

Mike Hughes would lead the first four laps of the sixteen-lap Stock Car main before Jeff Murphy spun in turn three. On the restart, as Hughes hugged the bottom, Dustin Griffiths tried the next line higher and found the bite in turn two to take the lead down the back stretch. It was follow the leader from there as Griffiths, the 2014 All Iowa Points Hobby Stock champion earned his first feature win in the Stock Cars in this his rookie season in the division. Hughes would finish second, John Oliver Jr. was third, Nathan Wood took fourth ahead of Adam Bell.

The Sport Mod feature was on the speedway and ready to close out the evening when they were stopped on the front stretch as law enforcement officers were called to handle the before mentioned "discussion". Once they arrived racing resumed and on the opening lap Dalton Simonsen would come from third to take the lead. That effort was wiped out though when Jason Delzell, Ryan Walker and Brendon Schultheis all spun in turn three reverting the field to an original restart. On the second try pole-sitter Troy Philpott would stick his car on the bottom in turns one and two holding Simonsen at bay and leading the entire distance despite two more cautions for Schultheis spins. Philpott was the winner with Simonsen in second, Austen Becerra came from seventh up to third making the most of those two restarts as Carter VanDenberg and Aaron Osweiler filled out the top five.

It was my first time back at CJ in several years and this place definitely brings back memories of my youth watching the old Mississippi Valley Speedway Club drivers do battle on the big half-mile. With the big trees beyond turns one and two and all the way down the back chute behind the levee it is a beautiful setting and it was definitely noticeable just how much higher the levee is now. Drivers used to be able to use it as a big cushion exiting turn two, but not anymore!

The track is on an upswing right now with their weekly show as they recently dropped two divisions that never drew more than ten competitors and they took some, if not all of that purse money and added it into the four remaining weekly classes of Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sport Mods and Sport Compacts. The result has been a four division program that has averaged a total of 62 cars over the first four Friday nights this season. I can give them a pass on the track prep on this night as it was a difficult evening weather wise to have a good dirt track and I definitely have their next Tuesday night special that will feature the Sport Mods on my calendar for June 13th.

The Sprint Invaders event that was scheduled for tonight, May 17th, at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa has been postponed to next Wednesday May 24th due to the threat of severe weather in the area today and tonight. Hope to see you there next week!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Ironman Wards Off the Rookie at Quad City Speedway

Darrel DeFrance has been at each and every Summer Series event since the first one held in 1987 and even he will probably admit that for a few years recently he was going just to keep the streak alive. This year is different though as he showed from the opener in Burlington on April 1st that he has a car that is capable of running up front and on Sunday night at the Quad City Speedway in East Moline "The Ironman" stayed in front throughout the entire forty laps holding off a late charge from series rookie Jesse Sobbing to take a popular Deery Brothers Summer Series victory.

DeFrance and Sobbing would start from the front row for the Late Model main event and they would choose two distinct lines as soon as the green flag waved. DeFrance would hug the bottom, the short way around the quarter-mile bullring, while Sobbing would climb the banking and pound the cushion up top looking to launch off of the corners and down the straightaways. The short way around would have the advantage with DeFrance leading the way and, as those low groove running drivers continued to move the track markers further into the infield, that short way around got even shorter rendering the top side useless as Sobbing faded out of the top five.

The track at East Moline is essentially a bowl of dirt that is flat in the middle and then rises up some on the straights and even more on both ends. The track itself is marked out by white painted tires with four larger utility tires marking the entrance and the exit to each set of corners while there are two smaller tires in each set of turns that set the apex of the corners and the track is prepared (watered and packed) based upon these markings. The problem though is with the nose pieces of these Late Models as they are, a driver who is trying to run the lowest line possible will hit these smaller corner markers and move them around like the pucks on a table shuffleboard game so during the green flag segment from lap twelve to thirty-one the once quarter-mile distance was reduced significantly as drivers were now racing through the unprepared infield on both ends creating a dust bowl like you wouldn't believe.

The caution waved on lap thirty-one when Curt Martin tangled with the lapped car of Paul Conrad as they worked through the infield near what was once turn four and during the caution track officials moved the shuffleboard pucks, er track tires, back into their original positions for the restart. So now the situation was this. Having raced through the infield for the past several laps, the actual low groove of the racing surface now had a lot of dry dirt that had been thrown on top of the hard packed surface making that bottom groove quite slick, while the top line that was quite treacherous with a heavy cushion especially in one and two, was still relatively clean.

On the restart DeFrance and his primary challenger Jeremiah Hurst stayed with the low line while Sobbing and Rob Toland used the top to race their way up from outside of the top five. A caution with five laps to go when Luke Goedert spun in turn one and was clobbered by Joe Zrostlik slowed the high side assault, but now Sobbing was back to third and was more than pleased when Hurst chose the inside line for the Delaware style restart. Whether he knew it or not, the move of the night by DeFrance came when he mashed the throttle early in turn three for the restart as this did not allow Sobbing to get a good start and it then took him a lap before he drove around Hurst for second. It was obvious that the top was now better and Sobbing nearly pulled alongside the leader going down the back stretch on lap thirty-seven, but when the challenger bobbled a bit on the cushion with two to go Sobbing lost some ground coming to the white flag.

On the final lap though Sobbing nailed the cushion perfectly in one and two and then drove it deep into turn three to give himself a chance for victory, but the veteran driver did not flinch and the cushion was not as fast in three and four leaving Sobbing just a car-length short as DeFrance secured the win. Hurst was not far behind in third, Toland started tenth and finished fourth while Ray Guss Jr. drove the Brad Coin owned #28c from the ninth row up to fifth. Luke Merfeld finished sixth, current series point leader Jake Neal started twelfth and finished seventh, southwest Iowa driver Josh Most got an unexpected Late Model ride and finished eighth, more on that in a moment, while Chad Holladay and Matt Ryan both came from deep in the pack to complete the top ten.

After competing at Farley's big Modified event on Friday and Saturday Josh Most decided to drop in at East Moline before heading back to Red Oak and was pitted next to local driver Phil Anderson who is in his rookie season of driving an IMCA Late Model. When Anderson was called away for a work obligation Most was given the opportunity to drive Anderson #35 Late Model as well for the evening and, I guess you could say that he made the "most" of that opportunity by finishing second in his heat and eighth in the feature.

Most was also a part of the twenty car field of IMCA Modifieds that had a devil of a time getting their twenty lap feature underway as on the first try the fifth-starting Milo Veloz slid sideways in turn one collecting both Eric Barnes and Jason Pershy. Top contenders Veloz and Pershy were done for the night while Barnes would start at the rear after going pit side to make some repairs. Just before the second try at a start Craig Crawford had a right front tire go down so he had to give up his third starting position to duck into the pits and make the change. Track officials waited on Crawford and when he returned the green flag waved, but only briefly as Jacob Copley got sideways in turn one causing Chris Lawrence to spin and he was then hit hard by Crawford.

The third try at a start did see one lap scored with Brandon Durbin leading the way before Josh Most spun in turn one. One more lap was put in the books following the restart before Rob Toland made a rare mistake and spun the Doug Curless owned #99 in turn two causing Jeff Claussen and Brian Bushong to pile up behind him. The field was put in single file formation for the next restart and finally some consecutive green flag laps were run with Bryce Garnhart stalking Durbin for the lead. As they closed in on a lapped car that was working the bottom on lap eight, Durbin tried to squeeze to the bottom while Garnhart charged to the outside and that would allow Garnhart to take the lead just before John Ahlers and Crawford tangled in turn three.

Once back to green the remaining cars were able to complete the final twelve laps without incident as Garnhart cruised to victory ahead of Durbin and T.J. Patz. Toland was able to make his way back up to fourth while Matt Werner completed the top five.

The IMCA Sport Mod feature was the first of four to be run and it too started off on the wrong foot when Rick Schriner spun off of turn two on the opening lap collecting Dan Hahn. The field was reassembled and Casey Wages would lead the way for four laps before the second place car of Jared Coppejans spun exiting turn four. When back to racing Wages would protect the bottom as Andrew Burk, Rick Wages and Dustin Schram applied the pressure with Schram, who had started tenth moving up to second. On lap seven the leader pushed a bit exiting turn two and Schram worked his way underneath him to complete the pass of Wages exiting turn four.

Coppejans would spin again on lap eleven and Justin Veloz would loop his car on lap twelve and again in the same place on the ensuing restart. The race would then close out with a green-white-checkers with Schram the winner ahead of Rick Wages, Brandon Jewell, Casey Wages and Andrew Burk.

With two drivers needing to jump out of their Modifieds and into their Late Models, the Four Cylinder feature that is normally run last here on weekly shows was sent to the track before the Late Models with twenty-four cars taking the green for twelve laps. Josh Werkmeister would lead the way from the pole position for the first four laps before a fire under the hood of Dan Dillon's car stopped the race. On the restart Brett Marshall would takeover just before Ken Stogdell spun in turn four and one more caution would wave on lap ten when Thomas Adams stopped on the front stretch with a flat tire. Dustin Begyn would try to mount a challenge in the final two laps, but there would be no catching Marshall who came from the tenth starting spot to take the win. Begyn was followed by Rob Harding Jr., Josh Stanley and Josh Sample.

While it made for an interesting scenario in the closing laps of the Late Model feature I do hope that the Quad City Speedway can come up with a better way of keeping the cars on the race track that was prepared because, when it is done right, this place offers up two distinct racing lines that are typically very equal come feature time. And, at the very least, they need to soak the dirt on the infield in the corners to both discourage drivers from racing through there and to keep the dust storm from happening as my eyes are still burning on this Monday morning.

Plans for plenty of competition on a track for me in the week ahead as on Tuesday night the CJ Speedway in Columbus Junction will host their first of four Tuesday night specials, this one featuring the Sport Compacts racing for $500-to-win with the Stock Cars and Sport Mods also in action. On Wednesday the Sprint Invaders will try it again at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, an event that was postponed from last Wednesday due to rain and hopefully the forecast for this Wednesday brightens over the next two days. We will then make our annual trip to the Iowa high school state track meet on Friday and Saturday with the traditional stop at the Knoxville Raceway on the home. Whether it is at a dirt track or on the blue oval at Drake Stadium we will be enjoying the action on the Back Stretch.

Friday, May 12, 2017

New Winners Enjoy A Friday Night In Donnellson

Perfect weather conditions made for an enjoyable evening of weekly racing at the Lee County Speedway in Donnellson Friday night with some new faces showing up in victory lane.

The IMCA Sport Compacts were the first of five feature races to be contested on 101.7 The Bull Night at the speedway and it was a four wide scramble once the green flag waved. Daniel Fellows would lead the first two laps before Barry Taft charged past and Taft would then ward off the challenges of Kimberly Abbott over the final twelve circuits to take the win. Taft started sixth while Abbott came from seventh. Brandon Lambert edged out Fellows for third while opening night winner Travis DeMint completed the top five.

Scott Jordan and Kevin Koontz would lead the Stock Car field to green, but it would be Jason Cook coming from the inside of row two to grab the lead on lap one. A caution on lap eleven would bring Cook back to the field for the restart and while John Oliver Jr. came from tenth to second he could not chase down Cook over the final nine laps with Jason taking the win. Oliver padded his point lead in second, Abe Huls was third followed by Jason See and Dustin Griffiths.

The UMP Pro Late Model feature saw a great battle early between Jeff Guengerich and Denny Woodworth as the two would come off of turn four side-by-side lap after lap with Guengerich using the momentum off of the top side to hold the lead each time at the stripe. After a lap seven restart Sam Halstead made it a three car race for the lead as Woodworth again would pull even with Guengerich, but could not complete the pass. As the laps clicked away though Guengerich was able to put a car length or two on his challengers and claim his first victory of the season in Lynn and Karen Richard's car #15R. Woodworth was the runner-up ahead of Halstead, Tommy Elston came from tenth to fourth and Nick Marolf rounded out the top five.

The IMCA odified feature went twenty laps non-stop and it would be the fourth starting Dennis LaVeine who would lead the first five trips around the D-shaped 3/8th-mile. Jeff Waterman was hooked up though and he drove under LaVeine on lap six and then pulled away to a convincing win. Blake Woodruff was a distant third, Dakota Simmons a rookie in the division was fourth and the ageless veteran Dean McGee was a solid fifth.

Austen Becerra continued the streak of drivers coming from the second row to lead the opening lap as the Sport Mods closed out the night. It did not take long for Tony Dunker to get to second and while he tried just about every line he could think of there would be no catching Becerra on this night as Austen scored the win. Dunker was second, Vance Wilson came from the fifth row to finish third, Daniel Keltner was fourth followed by Brandon Dale and 15-year-old Blaine Webster was impressive in his LCS debut running sixth.

As always the kids at the Lee County Speedway had a fun night with the Junior Fan Club activities and rides in the pace truck before each feature and the final checkers waved at 9:45. I look forward to returning to Donnellson in two weeks when the Sprint Invaders join the program on May 26th.

Next for me is a trip to the Quad Cities Speedway for the Deery Brothers Summer Series event on Sunday night. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Babb Sails To Prelim Win at Farmer City

With nearly everybody else running low, Shannon Babb went to the top line and sailed around the competition on his way to a $3,000 victory on the opening night of the Farmer City 74 Thursday. A strong field of 48 UMP Late Models signed in to compete tonight while at least four other drivers had their cars in the pits, but chose to wait until Friday's $20,000-to-win finale to compete.

Jimmy Mars and Tanner English would bring the field to green for the 35-lap race, but it would be Mason Zeigler who would drive under them to take the lead on lap one. The young driver out of Pennsylvania looked strong until the fifth starting Shannon Babb came charging up on the high side to drive around Zeigler on lap five. Babb's lead then grew quickly, so much so that on lap twelve he slipped off the top of turn two, but still had time to recover before Zeigler could get to him.

The caution waved on lap twenty when Mike Marlar slipped over the top of turn one and on the restart Billy Moyer relegated Zeigler to third and began to apply some pressure on Babb. That challenge was soon interrupted though when Bobby Pierce slipped off the top of turn one, slid across the old horse track and ended up against the guardrail. With just over an inch of rain falling here on Wednesday night, retrieving Pierce's damaged car became quite an adventure causing about a fifteen minute delay as two wrecker trucks would get stuck in the mud. Finally a tractor was brought out and using a tow rope to pull out the wrecker that had Pierce's car in tow, the long delay finally came to an end.

On this restart Zeigler would get the jump on Moyer and as those two swapped the second spot at least four times Babb pulled away to take his first win of 2017. Youth would prevail in the battle for second, Zeigler over Moyer while Jimmy Mars finished fourth. Ryan Unzicker also made the top side work for fifth, Tanner English was sixth, Dennis Erb Jr. finished seventh, Kevin Weaver was eighth, ninth went to Billy Drake and Chase Junghans completed the top ten.

After an opening lap skirmish eliminated a couple of top contenders the Pro Late Model feature went twenty laps non-stop and Allen Weisser fought off Myles Moos to score the win. Weisser was in control throughout until Moos was able to slip under him in turns one and two on the final lap. There was contact between the two exiting turn two as Weisser would shut the door going down the back stretch. Matt Taylor finished third, I believe that it was Dakota Ewing in fourth while Roben Huffman rounded out the top five.

Joe Brown went flag-to-flag to best a nine car field of UMP Street Stocks.

With plenty of moisture from the day before the quarter-mile was lightning fast and offered up some entertaining action throughout the evening. All six pole-sitters won the Late Model heats under the "qualify and then start the fast guys in front" format, but the final two heat winners really had to earn it. Tanner English and Dennis Erb Jr, waged a great side-by-side battle in the fifth heat before a mid-race caution allowed Erb to get a full car-length on English for the restart. Tanner was not to be denied though and he passed Erb on the final lap to get the win and allow him to draw the outside front row for the feature. Veteran drivers Billy Drake and Kevin Weaver then entertained the crowd in the sixth heat with Drake regaining the lead and the win.

Darrell Lanigan, Don O'Neal and Hudson O'Neal were all present, but sat out the night's activities as did Earl Pearson Jr. with the Moring Motorsports ride. That one was kind of a head scratcher. MARS was on hand tonight, along with the ALMS and I must say that I liked the fact that they ran two C-Mains to complete a sixteen car lineup for one single B-Main that transferred two to the feature.

Us fans in the stands had two great announcers that we could have listened to tonight, however since they were also on a live Pay Per View broadcast they catered toward that crowd rather than those who bought tickets and can only hear info like driver names and qualifying times during brief seconds of little or no engine noise. Of course it was during that down time that we were then treated to them welcoming viewers to the broadcast. This is a trend that I don't know if I can get used to and I still suggest to promoters that when having a live PPV you should let those announcers do their thing, but instead of having their voices on the P.A. as well, you should also have a public address announcer to handle the night for those in attendance.

Next up on the Back Stretch, weekly racing at the Lee County Speedway in Donnellson where the forecast calls for near perfect racing weather on Friday night.

Thursday Notebook: May 11, 2017

The line of heavy thunderstorms that made its way across Iowa on Wednesday forced the postponement of the annual appearance by the Sprint Invaders at the Southern Iowa Speedway to next Wednesday, May 17th, in Oskaloosa.

Some big events going on this Mother's Day weekend. In Illinois the UMP Late Models take center stage with the Farmer City 74 scheduled to start tonight with a $3,000-to-win program at the Farmer City Raceway. Then on Friday, it is a big one day show with $20,000 up for grabs in a race that is paying points for both the MARS East and West series as well as the American Late Model Series or ALMS. The Late Models then move to the famous Fairbury American Legion Speedway for a $10,000-to-win program on Saturday night before closing out with a $5,000 winner's check on Sunday night at the Spoon River Speedway south of Canton.

So a clean sweep of the four race weekend would yield a $38,000 haul, but one winner will collect a cool $50,000 at Farley's Super Modified weekend. Qualifying races will be held on Friday night with the big money paid out on Saturday and not only will there be a big winner in the Mods, but a Sport Mod driver may possibly fund his hobby for the year by winning the $20,000 top prize, what I believe to be the most ever paid out to this division.

Usually we see these kind of events during the preseason or the Fall specials so it will be interesting to see how things shake out as the weekly races in our region will go on as usual as well. I am hoping to catch the Thursday show in Farmer City and then on Friday I am filling in on the mic for Tony Paris who will again be coaching his hard hitting prospect Tyson Paris at a ball diamond somewhere. Graduation parties and other social commitments will keep me close to home on Saturday and, if I can swing it, I hope to wrap up Mother's Day with a race either at Spoon River or at the Quad Cities Speedway where the Deery Brothers Summer Series will be in action.

The CJ Raceway in Columbus Junction will be running a Tuesday night special each month in 2017 and their first of the season comes up this Tuesday, May 16th, with the Sport Compacts taking the spotlight for a $500-to-win event. While I know that this might not intrigue some of you, I would encourage you to check it out because when you put twenty-four of the four cylinders out there, especially with the top notch drivers that we have in the division here in eastern Iowa, you might just be surprised at how much fun the racing is. And, if you just don't want to admit that you would go to a Sport Compact special, you can always say that you were there to see the Sport Mods and the always popular Stock Cars instead! I will be looking for you Tuesday night.

A couple of tracks here in the middle of the country were brought back from the dead this past weekend, both with good success. The Lake Ozark Speedway has been dormant for the past five seasons, but under new ownership dirt track racing returned to the Lake on Saturday night with 84 cars in five classes. Austin Alumbaugh won the 360 Sprints, Chris Smyser was the Late Model winner, Ryan Middaugh took the Modified main event, Kris Jackson was the best of the B-Mods and Brian Schutt topped a 23-car field of Street Stocks. It was a good night for the revived LOS to open as the Lucas Oil Speedway about 75 miles down Highway 54 had an Open Wheel special going on so they did not run Late Models or either Modified class. So while the Sprint Car count may go up a bit from 14, the true test will be in the other divisions to see who goes to Lucas Oil and who stays at the Lake.

Three years of no racing at the Enid Speedway in Oklahoma obviously had drivers and fans alike ready to get back out to support the track as a crowd of 2,500 came out to watch twenty of the Sooner Late Model Series cars, 27 Modifieds, 39 B-Mods and six heats worth of Factory Stocks in action Saturday night. You can click here for a slide show of pictures from the big night and know that Enid is not returning as a weekly track, but is instead set to run just a six race slate of specials in 2017.

The next dormant track to set to come back to life is also in Oklahoma where the Thunderbird Speedway in Muskogee will host the MARS Late Models on June 9th.

The updated National Dirt Late Model points follow and it is great to see such a tight battle among several drivers, many of whom are new names at or near the top. Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend and hopefully you can enjoy the racing of your choice!

The "Back Stretch"
Dirt Late Model Points
Pos. Driver Hometown Points
1 . Brandon Sheppard New Berlin IL 61
2 . Tim McCreadie Watertown NY 56
3 . Brandon Overton Appling GA 53
4 . Josh Richards Shinnston WV 47
5 . Chris Madden Gray Court SC 45
6 . Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg TN 44
7 . Don O'Neal Martinsville IN 40
8 . Bobby Pierce Oakwood IL 37
9 . Brian Shirley Chatham IL 30
10 . Chris Simpson Marion IA 30
11 . Shane Clanton Locust Grove GA 29
12 . Dale McDowell Chickamauga GA 27
13 . Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville FL 27
14 . Jimmy Owens Newport TN 26
15 . Devin Moran Dresden OH 25
16 . Mike Marlar Winfield TN 25
17 . Casey Roberts Toccoa GA 23
18 . Jonathan Davenport Blairsville GA 23
19 . Tyler Erb Magnolia TX 22
20 . Billy Moyer Batesville AR 21
21 . Rick Eckert York PA 21
22 . Timothy Culp Sheridan AR 17
23 . Donald McIntosh Dawsonville GA 16
24 . Billy Moyer Jr. Batesville AR 14
25 . Eric Wells Hazard KY 14
26 . Kyle Bronson Brandon FL 13
27 . Michael Page Douglasville GA 13
28 . Rodney Sanders Happy TX 13
29 . Shannon Babb Mowequa IL 13
30 . Darrell Lanigan Union KY 12
31 . Dennis Erb Jr. Carpentersville IL 12
32 . Gregg Satterlee Rochester Mills PA 11
33 . Tanner English Benton KY 11
34 . Chris Ferguson Mount Holly NC 10
35 . Jack Sullivan Greenbriar AR 10
36 . Zack Mitchell Enoree SC 10
37 . Jason Welshan Maryville TN 8
38 . Rusty Schlenk Jackson MI 8
39 . Austin Hubbard Seaford DE 7
40 . Garrett Alberson Las Cruces NM 7
41 . Jason Jameson Lawrenceburg IN 7
42 . Mark Whitener Middleburg FL 7
43 . Rhett Carter Blackshear GA 7
44 . Ross Bailes Clover SC 7
45 . Travis Pennington Winston GA 7
46 . Cory Hedgecock Louden TN 6
47 . Dennis Franklin Gaffney SC 6
48 . Jimmy Mars Elk Mound WI 6
49 . Shanon Buckingham Morristown TN 6
50 . Austin Horton Grantsville GA 5
51 . B.J. Robinson Blanchard LA 5
52 . Bo Gordon Merigold MS 5
53 . Corey Conley Wellsburg WV 5
54 . Dale Hollidge Mechanicsville MD 5
55 . David Payne Murphy NC 5
56 . Don Shaw Ham Lake MN 5
57 . Dustin Mitchell Pine Level NC 5
58 . Frank Heckenast Jr. Orland Park IL 5
59 . Freddie Carpenter Parkersburg WV 5
60 . Jake Gallardo Las Cruces NM 5
61 . Jason Covert York Haven PA 5
62 . Johnny Pursley Clover SC 5
63 . Justin Kay Wheatland IA 5
64 . Steve Francis Ashland KY 5
65 . Tony Jackson Jr. Lebanon MO 5
66 . Tyler Carpenter Parkersburg WV 5